VR Ride Film 

Virtual Reality Ride Films

Have you ever fancied riding on the back of a dragon soaring high above in the clouds or wished to follow a Holocaust survivor’s steps as he visits the concentration camp he was held in for the last time? Then “Virtual Reality Ride Films” is the perfect match. The native films and gaming platforms have been out numbered by the modern day VR Ride Films which serves the purpose of not only entertain you, but even giving you an experience to live the adrenaline moments.

What Makes Our Virtual Reality Ride Films Different From Others?

Our Virtual Reality film and games are far more than just an immersive experience, it gives you the real-life experience with a touristy aesthetic, that literally places you in the scene. Using the most advanced technology in the VR industry – Oculus Rift, we make sure you get a life time experience. 

How we Interpret Technology? 

From 3d, 5d to 360 VR Films, we use the latest technology with sensory experiences to put you in another space not as a disinterested observer but as a participant. So, plunge into the world of virtual reality with our Virtual Reality Ride Films.  

How we help you create your VR Ride Films? 

We at Centaur Interactive are experts in creating these virtual setups, right from the concept to your VR experience. No matter for what gadget, we have it all. And if you are looking for some real action, then we have got 180 degree dome to 360 degree projection to up the ante. You needn’t have to worry, we have already successfully delivered a plethora of virtual reality ride films to various international and national clients across the globe including, Canada and USA to name a few.