Mobile Game Development


The world of mobile game development has evolved a lot in the past couple of years. Who doesn’t have a mobile device nowadays, everyone does. So, does we all love to play mobile games, thanks to the high end mobile game development companies who every year comes out with a whole new experience of mobile gaming apps. Today one can be spoilt of choices with the wide range of cross platform mobile game applications available in the market. To be precise a total estimate of over 800,000 gaming apps are there on the app stores. Whilst the Apple’s App Store houses a total of 2.2 million gaming apps. This means that mobile gaming apps represent over a third of the total apps available on the App Store. Not to be surprised by the figures, Mobile gaming has already surpassed the more traditional forms of gaming. Well that’s a good sign for the game development companies around the world.

With technology driving the mobile gaming app industry, today mobile game developers are offering a choice of services from mobile game development with 3D game art, 2D game art, to games based on your specific requirements. The gaming app industry is growing at a robust pace, and the stats reveals that, over 67% of smartphone owners install a game within a week of getting their phones, which adds to the growing demand of a gamut of gaming apps for all mobile platforms. 

Being a pioneer in mobile game development Centaur Interactive have been experts in creative entertainment industry for more than two decades. There in-house team of designers, coders, 2d artists, 3d artists, animation experts, and game developers are specialized in iOS, Windows, and android game development as well as mobile HTML5 games. Their huge clientele and successful projects speaks volumes for being a game development specialist. Well, not to side-line the competitive rates and top-class products what makes them a dynamic leader in the ever changing mobile game development industry.