2d / 3d Game Art

The gaming industry is transforming immensely with the rapid adoption of high end technology and developing visual animation. This has made a transitional change to the way mobile games were once perceived, the fast-growing visual art has created a huge space for the 2D game art and 3D game art. Both these game art design platforms makes the game visually appealing to the players. While 2D game art is more about conventional gaming art style, the 3D gaming remains the game changer in the mobile gaming industry with major focus on details and style of animation creating a real-life gaming experience. Both the 2D and 3D gaming art have their own limitations, the game art studios across the globe offers you the expertise to design interactive and visually appealing mobile games.

The game art design incorporates, 3d characters, illustrations and animations. With an expertise in game art design we at Centaur Interactive provides bespoke 2D/3D game art designs. The team of game developers and creative artists brings out the best gaming experience ever. Being a trusted name, we provide you with better 3D characters, visually-appealing illustrations and highly equipped game design studio. We will help you with the full mobile game art production for your game. So, what are you waiting for?.